Every time you talk about eggs, it is the topic that everyone is most concerned about. Eggs are a common food, and eggs are also a kind of food that is easy to cook and process. As an animal food known as “completely nutritious food”, whether you are a child or an elderly person, whether you are cooking or steaming, eggs are a kind of nutritious and delicious food. Of course, any nutritious food should reflect its value on the basis of healthy eating, and the same is true for eggs. Facing the simple-looking eggs, please eat them properly and taste them healthily.

Eggs eat a lot of benefits:

Eggs are both delicious and nutritious, and eating has a lot of good foundational effects on the body.

  • Add richness to your taste:

Eggs can also be regarded as a kind of delicious or boiled or fried, it is a good treat.

  • Supplement protein and other nutrients:

Eggs are rich in nutrients such as protein, lecithin, and the mineral iron. Regular intake has a good supplementary effect. Not only can it supplement calories, enhance the body’s resistance to the outside world, but it can also prevent various nutrient deficiencies. Deficiency.

  • Fortify food diversity:

Eggs are one of the animal egg foods. Regular consumption of eggs can meet the diversity of daily food intake and contribute a part of its power. There is no shortage of eggs in the daily recipe, and the days will become healthier.

Healthy + reliable consumption of eggs, some things need to be achieved:

  • How many eggs a day is better?

Eggs, although they are good food, should be eaten in limited quantities. It is not recommended to eat more than 8 eggs per week. As for daily, 1-2 eggs are recommended.

  • Eat boiled eggs better:

Comparing the digestibility and absorption rate of eggs made without cooking and processing methods, it is recommended that everyone prefers to eat boiled eggs, the nutrition loss of boiled eggs is smaller, the absorption rate of boiled eggs is higher, and the original flavor will be more healthy.

  • To eat eggs, be sure to eat “whole eggs”:

When eating eggs, many people like to eat egg white instead of egg yolk, and many people like to eat egg yolk instead of egg white, which is actually wrong.

Egg white has its excellence, and egg yolk also has its unique nutrient composition. If you eat eggs, please eat egg white + egg yolk together.

  • Boil eggs. Be safe. Raw eggs are not recommended:

For safety, in order not to be harmed by salmonella in raw eggs, and to make the taste of eggs better, please “enough time” for boiling eggs. Generally speaking, it takes at least 5-10 minutes to boil eggs. Cool water Bring it to a pan and cook it properly.

Eggs, ordinary, generous, nutritious food, daily consumption is a big plan, reliable heating is basic, safe consumption is a requirement, and nutrition is the purpose. I hope to restore your healthy life with a perfect egg.

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