egg 5
Fine granulated sugar 25 grams (added to egg yolk)
Corn oil 40 grams
milk 40 grams (water replacement is also OK)
Low-gluten flour 85 grams
Fine granulated sugar 50 grams (added to protein)


  1. Separate the egg whites and egg yolks with 2 pots (be careful with the eggs, don’t break the egg yolk

  2. Add 25 grams of sugar to the egg yolk pot

  3. Add 40 grams of corn oil to the egg yolk pot (you can also use soybean oil, peanut oil)

  4. Add 40 grams of milk to the egg yolk pot

  5. Stir well

  6. Weigh 85 grams of low-gluten flour

  7. Sifting flour into egg yolk basin

  8. Stir the egg yolk to paste evenly

  9. Stir well

  10. Weigh 50 grams of sugar

  11. Add 50 grams of sugar to the protein three times to send it

  12. Slightly harder, not easy to collapse

  13. Check whether the protein is a good hard-core method, and the inverted protein cream will not fall off (do not imitate, at your own risk)

  14. One-third of the protein is added to the egg yolk paste

  15. Stir well

  16. Pour the stirred one-third of the egg into the egg white

  17. Stir well

  18. Stir well

  19. It is now possible to start preheating the oven (150 degrees up and down)

  20. Ready paper cup

  21. Pour the egg liquid into the paper cup. At this time, you can use the silk flower bag to pour the egg liquid into the silk flower bag and then squeeze it into the paper cup for better control.

  22. Pour the egg liquid into the paper cup 8-9 points

  23. Put it in the middle layer of the oven and bake it (temperature 150 degrees, 50 minutes. Students who are mindful of cracking can lower the temperature by a few degrees and extend the time by a few minutes)

  24. In the baking process, the hair is very tall, the fragrance is full of the whole house, and the children can’t wait to eat.

  25. The cupcakes are out, very beautiful.

  26. It is best to put it on the drying net to cool it, after all, just baked the hot mouth, haha

  27. Children are coming to eat cakes.

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