Cheese 2 tablets
egg 2
Toast Eight pieces
Black pepper a little
Ham 4 pieces

Cheese toast  

  1. To prepare the ingredients, you can first apply a layer of ketchup on the toast. Because the ketchup is used up, it is not brushed, but I personally prefer to eat honey mustard, or condensed milk, according to personal taste.

  2. Brush the sauce and cover a piece of cheese, because my toast is a little small, so I can only cover half a piece of cheese.

  3. Then cover a piece of ham

  4. Cover the toast with a spoon and press a hole

  5. I have an egg on it, I have toast too small, so an egg is a little full, it is recommended to buy a big toast.

  6. Sprinkle with black pepper powder, you can also sprinkle some cheese, I don’t want too much cheese, I don’t sprinkle it. I like to eat a lot of thick cheese.

  7. Then prepare to preheat the oven for five minutes

  8. Bake it for 15 minutes at 180 degrees. Look at your personal preferences. I like to cook the eggs thoroughly. I like the eggs for a short time.

  9. Dangdang, baked out!

  10. The toast is a bit crispy. The soft and sweet cheese taste is my favorite, so delicious.

  11. Use a lazy breakfast that is rarely convenient and fast to learn quickly.

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