Before the hair is issued, the hairstyle must be designed according to the model’s face shape, temperament, clothing, makeup, etc., and then proceed to the next step.

(1) Partition:
1. The distribution of the volume of the partition, the hair volume of the whole hair is distributed according to the needs of the designed hairstyle and divided into different hair areas.

2. The shape of the hair area: You can divide it according to your needs, such as: □, ○, △, ◇, etc.

3. Basic partition:
A. Liuhai District: used to cover the shortcomings of the forehead and adjust the length of the face.
B. Lateral area: used to make up for the lack of head and face shape, fat and thin.
C. Top hair area: It is the focus of the hair, it is a mixture with the other four areas.
D. After the hair area: use and make up for the top and bumps.

4. Partitioning principle: It is not necessary to ban the basic zoning principle and allocate the bundle as needed.

(2) The use of techniques:
1. Single roll: mostly used for front main shape.
2. Hollow reel: mostly used for front main shape.

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